Cheese Chase: A Three-Figure Bearing Teaching Aid

Cheese Chase

Cheese Chase is a Flash-based teaching aid designed to help users practice estimation of three-figure bearings from 000° to 360°.

About Cheese Chase

The application is interactive white board friendly with large buttons for pupil involvement and a range of audio stimuli to make Cheese Chase engaging. The different modes allow inclusion of both forward and reverse bearings estimations and hint options provide superimposed angle markings to support pupils new to angle turns and degrees.

Cheese Chase can be used by a teacher in a classroom situation or by pupils as an aid for individual practice during a computer lesson or at home. The summary page following an answer rewards points for accuracy and tells the user how many degrees they were out from the accurate measurement - helping users to continually improve their estimations.

Download/Run Cheese Chase

To run Cheese Chase in your browser, left-click on a link below. If you wish to download it instead then right-click on a link and select "Save As..." (or your browser's equivalent).

Note: Cheese Chase requires that you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

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