A new version (v1.26) of VSAid is now available to bring support to Visual Studio 2017.

This new version is provided as a VSIX file for simpler installation into Visual Studio and may be downloaded now.


Happy New Year!

Now it is 2017 and a release of Visual Studio 2017 is imminent, it is probably time that VSAid is available for Visual Studio 2015 so a new release (v1.25) can now be downloaded.


Who's Next? has had a modest update which adds the option to disable the animation during name selection along with a Turkish translation (many thanks to Ahmet Soyarslan).


The installer for VSAid 2013 was broken. Now it is fixed.

Download the fixed version.


A new edition of VSAid is now available for download: VSAid 2013 brings all the fun of VSAid to the Visual Studio 2013 party.


We are happy to draw your attention to a new member of the VSAid family: VSAid 2012.

VSAid 2012 v1.24 brings all existing VSAid functionality to Visual Studio 2012.



Randomites v1.01 has been released to fix a bug that prevented pentagons from being generated. Oops.


The first update of the year sees the release of VSAid v1.24. This update brings a couple of changes to the File Finder:

  • Multiple terms may be entered in the search box to be searched for regardless of their order. This feature may be enabled in the add-in's options.
  • Asterisks are now seen as word delimeters in the search box for convenient navigation and highlighting of individual terms.

Download this update.


VSAid v1.23 is now available. This update is a bug fix release and sorts out a few problems with correctly preserving the location and size of the File Finder window.

Download this update.


A minor update of VSAid (v1.22) has been released. This update takes care of a couple of gremlins lurking in the "Cycle Files" feature and adds the option to perform cycling for files with no matched extension (or not).

Download this update.


v1.21 of VSAid is now available for download. This update includes some installer fixes for 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010. It also includes some minor enhancements:

  • Files opened with the File Finder may be opened either using the default editor or in a text window.
  • Use of the File Finder's "Locate in Solution Explorer" option may be set to close the File Finder window.

Read more or download it.


v1.2 of VSAid is now available for download. This update includes the following changes:

  • A "Locate in Solution Explorer" option has been added for files in the File Finder.
  • The speed of the File Finder has been improved.
  • The position, size and column widths of the File Finder dialog are saved/restored between uses.
  • Some other fixes and minor enhancements have been included.

Read more or download it.


VSAid v1.12 is now available. This update fixes some problems which can arise when using the add-in with projects inside solution folders (many thanks to Rob for helping locate these problems). The update is available for Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and, for the first time, Visual Studio 2010.

Read more about VSAid or download it now.


v1.2 of Disk Audit has arrived. This new version features the following changes:

  • It is now possible to save and load a snapshot of your auditing session.
  • The date and time of the last full audit of a folder or drive are now listed with all other details.
  • A few minor UI improvements.

Read more or download Disk Audit.


Today sees the introduction of Randomites to our collection of teaching aids. Randomites is an engaging random object generator intended to help teach and practice probability concepts and the creation of two-way tables.

Read more about it.


v1.11 of our Visual Studio add-in VSAid is now available for Visual Studio 2008. Until now, versions have been available only for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.

Download it now.


Our random name/pupil selector Who's Next? has had a minor update to make a few cosmetic changes.

Read more about it or take a look at our other teaching aids.


We are pleased to start the new year by introducing two Flash-based teaching aids to our collection of free software. Who's Next? and Cheese Chase aim to add fun and purpose to the ICT-enabled classroom. We wish them well.

Read more.


Give a warm welcome to Disk Audit v1.1. The first update to Disk Audit incorporates many changes that make it more informative and functional. Some notable changes are:

  • Numerous additions and enhancements to the user interface.
  • Folders can be opened in Windows Explorer (via right-click menu).
  • The size of each folder is shown as a percentage of the total disk capacity.
  • A total of all statistics is shown along with a folder's details (Windows XP and above).
  • A summary for all drives is shown when My Computer is selected.

Read more or download Disk Audit now.


Version 1.11 of VSAid is released. This is a minor update to add an options/settings dialog for better control of the add-in. It is now possible to customise the list of file extensions used to cycle through related files. This makes the command useful for more than switching between C++ header and implementation files: now it may be used for all your project needs (.cs, .vb, .resx, .html, .php, .asp, .aspx, .xml, .txt, etc).

Download it now.


Version 1.0 of Disk Audit - a utility that shows how space is being used on your hard drives - has been released.

To find out where your precious free disk space has gone, either read more or download Disk Audit now.


Version 1.1 of VSAid is here. This version offers the following changes:

  • Better support for multi-language filenames.
  • The 'Find Files' dialog now remembers column widths (starting with a full auto-size).
  • The Solution Tree is given focus when using the 'Locate Active File' feature.
  • Several visual improvements.

Download it now.


The BrockSoft homepage is made live to the world along with the simultaneous release of v1.0 of the free VSAid Visual Studio add-in.

Read more about VSAid or download it now.

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