Randomites: The Random Object Creator


Randomites is a Flash-based teaching aid designed to allow users to create random samples of categorical data useful in counting and probability activities.

About Randomites

Randomites is interactive white board friendly with large buttons for pupil involvement and a range of audio and visual stimuli to make the application engaging. The different options allow users to choose the number of objects to be created along with the range of colours used, number of eyes and geometrical body shapes the objects could have.

Randomly generated samples can be as simple or as complicated as the user desires, allowing categorisation and probability calculations to provide the appropriate challenge for any pupil.

Randomites can be used by a teacher in a classroom situation or by pupils as an aid for individual practice during a computer lesson or at home. An example of a probability activity may be to:

  1. Agree with the pupils a range of possible options for the randomly generated sample.
  2. Before clicking to generate the sample, ask the pupils to draw a sample space diagram of all the possible combinations for Randomites which may appear on the screen.
  3. After clicking to create the sample, get pupils to sort the objects on the white board and then fill in a two-way table - supported by the sample space diagram already drawn - for the numbers of Randomites created in each category.
  4. Finally, ask the pupils a range of probability questions, leaving the sample of Randomites on the board to support the information in the two-way table.

Download/Run Randomites

To run Randomites in your browser, left-click on a link below. If you wish to download it instead then right-click on a link and select "Save As..." (or your browser's equivalent).

Note: Randomites requires that you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

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