VSAid: A Freeware Visual Studio Extension

VSAid (Visual Studio Aid) is a Microsoft Visual Studio extension available, at no cost, for both personal and commercial use. Primarily aimed at Visual C++ developers (though useful for any Visual Studio project or solution), VSAid adds a new toolbar to the IDE which adds productivity-enhancing features such as being able to find and open project files quickly and cycle through related files at the click of a mouse button (or the stroke of a key!).

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More About VSAid

The new toolbar added to Visual Studio by VSAid contains five buttons.

The VSAid Toolbar

This toolbar provides access to each of the VSAid extension's features via a single mouse-click. Of course, it is also possible to assign each action to a keyboard shortcut using Visual Studio's keyboard settings.

The features provided by the toolbar buttons are as follows.

  • VSAid: Cycle Related Files Cycle Related Files: At its simplest, this button toggles between related C++ header and implementation files. However, it actually provides more functionality by cycling through a sequence of file extensions and opening the next existing file with the same name but the new extension. The list of extensions used for cycling is user-configurable which makes this a useful feature for any project in any language.
  • VSAid: Find Files Find Files: Opens a new dialog which lists all the files in the solution. It is possible to type in a filter string to show a matching subset of solution files. The filter string supports partial matching and the asterisk character (*) may be used as a wildcard to match any set of characters. Any number of files may be selected and subsequently opened for editing. This provides a very convenient mechanism for opening one or more files without resorting to browsing through Visual Studio's solution tree.
  • VSAid: Locate Active File Locate Active File: Selects and highlights the currently opened file in the solution tree. Tree nodes are expanded as required to ensure that the selected file is visible.
  • VSAid: Collapse Solution Tree Collapse Solution Tree: Collapses the whole solution tree in a single click. This is good when things get messy and you can't see the solution for the trees!
  • VSAid: Options Options: Shows an options dialog to allow configuration of the extension's settings.

Download VSAid

VSAid is available for several versions of Visual Studio and may be installed/uninstalled for each independently.

As of v1.26, VSAid is provided as a VSIX file to allow simple, direct installation into one or more versions of Visual Studio:

Prior to v1.26, VSAid was provided as Microsoft Installer (.msi) setup files, each for a specific version of Visual Studio:

Note: VSAid is not compatible with any Express editions of Visual Studio

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