Who's Next?: The Random Name Selector

Who's Next?

Who's Next? is a Flash-based teaching aid designed to offer a more interactive and randomised way of selecting pupils to answer questions in a classroom situation.

About Who's Next?

Who's Next? is interactive white board friendly with a large "GO" button for pupil involvement and audio stimuli to make the question and answer process more engaging. Class lists can be copied and pasted once into the application and then saved for future use making Who's Next? simple to put on the board every lesson.

Who's Next? has options to allow a name to come up more than once (discouraging pupils from switching off once they know they have been called on) and pupils themselves can come up to the board and press the button for the next person to be chosen. The flashing spotlight scans the names and slows to a stop creating a wonderful atmosphere of suspense and anticipation.

Download/Run Who's Next?

To run Who's Next? in your browser, left-click on the link below. If you wish to download it instead then right-click on the link and select "Save As..." (or your browser's equivalent).

Note: Who's Next? requires that you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

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